Judge John Hodgman on the Right Time to Eat a Sandwich

A wife tries to reassert order after a year of dining chaos.,


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Dustin writes: A new deli opened nearby, and I suggested getting takeout for dinner. My wife refused, telling me, “Sandwiches are for lunch.” I believe that a sandwich can be enjoyed at any time of day. Who’s right?

If there is one thing we learned this past year, it is that you can eat anything at any time. Now that lockdowns have (at least currently) eased here, I get why your wife might be trying to reassert a little order. I admit that breakfast for dinner is less delicious since it has been robbed of its transgressive schedule-bending now that you can eat a bacon-egg-and-cheese at the top of every hour. But I suspect she is just a snob. The occasional evening sandwich is a delight, especially in summer, when the best dinner on earth is sliced tomato, mayo and black pepper on toasted white bread. But please stop eating a whole roast turkey and stuffing for breakfast. That time is over.

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